Top Email Warm-up Tools in 2021

by Gary Amaral in August 11th, 2021

The top reasons why businesses fail to pursue a great email campaign are predominantly the deliverability issues. There have been extended reports stating that as many as 20% of emails do not ideally reach the recipients’ inboxes. And, every time a new email address is used to send emails, the same gets blocked as soon as the campaigns begin. The problem lies in not using enough warmed-up addresses for the campaigns.

The domain warm-up service has become even more critical today ever since Google’s spam update came in 2019. To avoid the majority of the emails from getting marked as spam and ensuring smooth deliverability, email warming has become important. 

This blog will share more details on how to warm up the emails and top email warm-up tools of 2021 that would ensure seamless email deliverability.

What is an email warm-up?

The warm-up service for emails is a way to establish the new email account reputation and increase the email sending limit. The new account is used for cold emailing in smaller numbers and gradually increases the number each day. With every new account made, the senders get a daily email sending limit which you cannot use completely. To use this limit entirely, a user needs to build their good reputation step-by-step, which can only be achieved through a warm-up schedule to warm up your email.  

The ideal time to achieve full deliverability is 8-12 weeks. It might also get faster based on the emails sent or the volume and the engagement in the entire process.

How to warm up an account before sending cold emails?

You can send warm emails from the new email accounts by understanding the below processes:

Authenticating the account

A new email address calls for account authentication. It is how the email account is guarded against any SPAM filters and makes the email deliverability and cold email outreach successful. There are four major processes of authenticating the accounts:

  • SPF- The Sender Policy Framework is an authentication technique used to create a record of the account in the DNS. This is a list that holds all the authorized servers that can send a cold email.
  • DKIM- The Domain Keys Identified Mail is the authentication method that can help add a digital signature to the domain, preventing the emails from getting spoofed.
  • DMARC- The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance records the SPF and DKIM data and assures the receiver’s ESP that the process is legitimate.
  • Custom Domain- This is a more authentic way to ensure the sender's reputation. It makes it more authentic while the recipients receive it. The links can be self-made, and custom domains can be attached with emails while sending them.

Sending individual emails

The ideal warm-up process starts with sending emails to the known contacts and building a sufficing conversation. 10-20 individual emails are a good thing to start by. There must also be consistent engagement following the emails to ensure that the email volume is being built and email outreach is improved. A long and engaging conversation is also helping you to authenticate your email account and make it ready for future campaigns. It is better to opt for writing personalized subject lines in this course to get a better reputation.

Maintaining conversation threads

To warm up your email is not just about getting replies but having meaningful engagement too. Having a conversation is important, but it might take about 8-12 weeks. To speed up the process, you can always add more email addresses to increase the inbound activities and your cold outreach. The better and more the conversation is, the better will the email sending quotas get to be. Then the accounts will become eligible to send bulk emails at a time.

Subscribing newsletters

There might be multiple newsletters from your business, but you need to have a minimum of 10-15 subscriptions of the same to authenticate your account. Get back to the inbox and ask for confirmation to help validate your email account. This will also help smoothen up the email inflow.

Maintaining email gaps

The emails have targeted algorithms to check how they are sent or received. To assure that you are not a robot, besides conducting the DNS warm-up, avoid sending many emails at once. The constant outflow of emails affects the sender’s domain reputation. The best way is to keep an ideal stop-gap between two consecutive cold emails that you are sending. This will also not trigger the spam filters unnecessarily.

How does the email warm-up tool benefit marketers?

The email warm-up tools 2021 bear certain distinct features that make using them a lot easier and beneficial. With these tools,

  • Every marketer is assured of having a perfect email activity always. The qualitative, as well as the quantitative aspects of sending emails, are ensured.
  • The sender’s reputation is greatly improved. The emails have a positive impact on cold outreach because domain and IP warm-ups are being conducted.
  • The email deliverability is improved, and the tool balances the entire email activity.

Best email warmup tools in 2021

Here are the best tools of 2021 that every marketer finds attractive to use while warming up their cold email campaigns.


Airborne has been the best email warm-up tool to date because of their smooth partnership with WarmUpMyEmail to help your emails reach the prospect inboxes sooner. This tool is highly preferred because of its striking features.

  • It increases domain sender reputation through manual, daily, and very positive interactions with the various email accounts.
  • Requires just a 3-step process to set up.
  • The pricing is very affordable and accessible for every type of business.
  • The email activities that take place are valuable and qualified.
  • When integrated with this tool, the campaigns provide a balanced approach to email sending with high email deliverability.
  • The emails are taken out of the spam folders, are opened, marked important, and given a reply.
  • Easy tracking of results and controls of the emails with detailed reports. It also offers daily insights into email activities.
  • Quick monitoring of spam patterns and spam scores.
  • Real-human-type conversations, assuring authenticity to the ESPs.

QuickMail Auto Warmer

The Auto Warmer is a very powerful email warm-up service tool that integrates full-fledged cold email automation. It was created to improve email deliverability, but today it also serves to warm up emails accounts without charging a penny. There are multiple features available with this tool:

  • When integrated with the email account, it can automatically start sending and receiving emails on a real-time basis.
  • Any email sent to the account will be automatically opened and replied to, just like a real person would do.
  • If the emails get caught in the spam folder, the tool will mark the email as ‘not spam’ and move it to the primary inbox.
  • It will show the ESPs over time that your email account is an authentic sender and transacts real emails, thus preventing the chances of getting flagged as spam.
  • The tool also helps remove emails from the primary inbox after being sent or received and keeps the inbox clean throughout the process.
  • The email reports are also received, and the performance can be tracked. Email details landing in the inbox, spam folder, or other folders are also available.
  • Other features include uploading the sales prospects, personalized templates, email scheduling, and follow-ups.

Warmup Inbox

Warmup Inbox has been regarded as an autonomous and most promising email warm-up tool in 2021. It has a significant network of over 4500 inboxes, and signing up with them offers engagement opportunities with these accounts. This is a very flexible offering for any small or large business, and here are its features:

  • The tool can work with any major or minor email service providers like Gmail, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, and custom inboxes.
  • You can send up to 1500 emails in a month per inbox.
  • You can fully warm up your email inbox by using the tool for 45-90 days.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting are also available. You also get to know the right time to start the email campaign.
  • Offers report on the health score of the inbox.
  • Allows checking email blacklisting thoroughly.
  • It costs just $9 a month to start using this tool.


With having great features of UX & UI, Warmbox is among the top email warm-up tools of 2021. It has all the qualities that a good warm-up email tool must possess.

  • It can be integrated with every major email service provider across the globe.
  • It has an extensive network of inboxes that help in establishing valuable engagement.
  • Deliverability reports are available in detail to help you know if the emails are landing.
  • The email sending schedules can be customized by mixing multiple warm-up strategies.
  • The pricing for the inbox additions increases as you go on adding recipients.
  • The pricing for this tool starts at $15 a month for one inbox. It is $69 a month for three inboxes and $139 a month for six inboxes.
  • Ongoing spam score monitoring features are present.
  • A variety of inboxes can be worked with this tool.


Mailwarm is an excellent email IP warming tool that allows effective interaction with multiple accounts. This tool can also set you up multiple email accounts that you can engage with based on different schedules. The tool features include:

  • Setting up mail warming schedules where the tool will take the task of sending and receiving emails on your behalf.
  • The email storage can be segregated as per folders if the emails take up a lot of the inbox space.
  • The tool is available at a very competitive price of just $79 a month per inbox.
  • This is an excellent tool for anybody who wants to send emails, all while avoiding spam folders.
  • The engagement happens all within Mailwarm’s network, ensuring that the sender’s reputation will be built effectively.
  • Sending and reply schedules can be set as per the convenience of the user.


It has become the top email warm-up tool of this year because it uses real teams to generate email engagements.

  • The teams engage with the emails by opening them and replying to them. They mark the emails as important and remove them from the spam folders when they land in them.
  • The teams do this by getting users assigned to them.
  • This is a paid tool service and falls in the mid-to-high pricing range.
  • The pricing starts from $29 a month per inbox.
  • This is an excellent service for anybody who wants simple warming up services.
  • Offers many free helpful tools to review the sender’s DMARC, SMTP, and SPF.


They have been one of the first service providers to offer email warmup services. The platform has been straightforward and helps connect the tool to the email account very easily.

  • It is very easy to decide upon how many emails need to go out on a particular day.
  • The schedule can be set on the tool that would automate the sending and replying of the emails.
  • Every email that enters or exits from the Lemwarm is automatically tagged into your main inbox to avoid them getting missed out.
  • With this tool, the sender reputation, email deliverability, as well as email landing, are improved.
  • By using this tool over time, you can systematically increase the volume of sent emails.
  • The pricing of this tool starts from $29 a month per inbox.


This blog highlights the top email warm-up tools in 2021. You can choose any of these powerful yet cost-effective tools to witness their best warm-up abilities. These tools can be left running in the background during the email campaigns, and you can rest assure that every email of yours is reaching your prospects. Increase your engagement along with having a quality prospect list with these tools. But don’t forget to write unique personalized emails to create a better impact and engagement. 

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