Discover the Productivity That Comes from Email Personalization

Address your every customer uniquely. Give them what they really want with Airborne's advanced personalization tools that deliver a great personalized experience.


Boost Your Sales with Airborne.

Tap into your customers’ behavior and lead the sales funnel with our feature-rich software for emails. 

Send Targeted Emails on a One-to-One Level

Scale up your engagement and make your emails feel more personal. Use our personalized sales email templates to automatically customize your message for multiple audiences. 

  • Get perfectly timed personal email templates to skyrocket your reply rates.
  • Take your engagement to the next level with automated follow-ups.
  • Send the right message to the right people at the right time.
  • Create perfectly worded email every time.
Team Management

Test Every Email Element before Pressing the Send Button

Write a perfect email personalized to your customer’s taste. Check it thoroughly for last-minute changes and modifications to ensure only the right message reaches your prospects. Go the extra mile to create emails that resonate with your audience and build trust. 

Our fully integrated email personalization software is designed to build, test, optimize, and personalize your email campaigns.

Client Management

Natively Optimised Email Deliverability for Better Reach

Take advantage of advanced email deliverability features for better inbox placement. Airborne lets your emails go directly into your subscriber's inbox each time, creating conversion from this conversation.

  • Multiple email addresses per sequence
  • Randomized sending intervals
  • Throttled sending


All the Integrations you need and more coming soon


Make Your Every Email Stand Out with Liquid Syntax

Add a human touch to your personalized cold emails, diversifying the theme with liquid syntax magic that lets you write custom lines for different audiences at the same time, creating a more personal look and feel.


Enhance Your Emails with Product Recommendations

Deliver relevant customer experiences with trustworthy product recommendations. Dynamically adapt and personalize your recommendations to each customer’s preference.

  • Set your own rules to auto-select the most relevant product for each user.
  • Personalize recommendations based on customer behavior, real-time intent, and category preference.
  • This is the right tool for upselling and cross-selling via personalized recommendations.


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