Outbound Sales Software: A Complete Solution Handcrafted for Agency Sales Team

Boost your team's productivity and efficiency with Airborne's outbound sales tool that lets you manage all your clients, scales with your business needs, and keeps track with extensive reporting.


Increase your sales and unleash new levels of productivity.

Leverage Airborne to soar to new heights with agency-specific outbound sales process.

Team Management

An intuitive software solution for all your needs

Its features like intelligent dialler modes help you call just the right person. You can coordinate and target your accounts accurately without missing a prospect, allowing you to work seamlessly. Our outbound sales tool lets you engage systematically with a human touch.

  • Outbound email templates available across all team members 
  • Manage all prospecting activities easily  
  • Dial automatically and start more conversations
  • Real-time reporting with consistent tracking and monitoring
Client Management

Grow your pipelines with Airborne

Manage all of your potential clients in one place. Expand your reach with personalized outbound sales techniques. Switch to automated reporting without spreadsheets and endless exports.

Our outbound sales tool lets you organize, track, and analyze each call that you made, making it easier for you to connect with your customers while improving your sales. In short, we help you stay on top of your business with software that is designed for agencies.


Advanced outbound sales process for better business conversions

Supercharge your sales calls with Airborne - an outbound sales software that helps you reach your potential customers way faster and lets you perform all your sales tasks quickly, easily, and more efficiently, resulting in better lead generation.

  • Tracking outbound sales metrics in real-time
  • Powerful features backed by intelligent dialing
  • Automated calling process with reduced call drop rate

All the Integrations you need and more coming soon


Automate the call process across your sales campaign

Manage multiple campaigns simultaneously with our advanced software solution that lets you create, delete, and modify in just a click. With no manual tasks on the list, your sales team can simply focus on bringing in more customers, leading to better productivity and reduced scope of error.  


An omnichannel solution that is secure, reliable, and compliant

Track and reach prospects on any channel. Manage, automate, and optimize your outbound sales campaign to reach your preferred prospect list from anywhere across the globe. Never miss out on key details with our detailed call reporting based on real-time data.

  • Personalize your outreach across all channels
  • Smart tasks with built-in reminders
  • Extensive channel performance reporting 
  • Increased sales conversions in less time


  • What are outbound sales?

    It is defined as a process where a seller (typically a sales rep of a company) initiates customer engagement by making outbound sales calls or using other sales channels to connect with a potential buyer. 

  • How do you define an outbound sales process?

    It is the process of converting prospects into customers with the following 8-step approach:

    • Finding qualified leads
    • Gathering information about the prospect
    • Assessing the suitability of the prospect as a customer
    • Preparing a pitch to solve prospect’s problems
    • Listening to prospect’s requirements
    • Price negotiation and deal closing
    • Follow-ups
    • Gathering feedback

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