How can you close deals faster using digital calls?

by Arnaud Pigueller in December 1st, 2020

As an agency, an effective sales process is critical to your business. It’s important to close as many high-value deals as quickly as possible, which today often means using a multi-channel approach. However, while many salespeople are happy to use emails and social selling, some are reluctant to pick up the phone. The truth is voice calls can be an extremely powerful addition to your sales process, for several reasons. 

Digital calls increase trust. Buying requires trust, but that can be hard to build purely from emails. People are naturally cautious, but being able to talk to a sales rep and hear their voice can reassure prospects that they’re in safe hands. They get a chance to ask any questions and raise any concerns they might have, which the sales agent can then answer immediately. Increased trust means prospects are more likely to buy.

Digital calls increase engagement. When a sales rep talks with a prospect, they have a unique opportunity to build stronger business relationships. Rather than purely communicating via text, a voice call makes it easier to offer personalized advice and increased value. This means that prospects are also more likely to become loyal, long-term customers.  

Dialing in the right situations. One reason salespeople are reluctant to use voice is that it is comparatively difficult to scale. After all, you can only talk to one person at a time. The answer is to use voice selectively.

Rather than having voice calls with every single lead who visits your site, solutions like SnapCall allow you to choose which prospects you talk to. By only showing a click-to-call link to people who’ve shown buyer intent—such as by visiting specific pages on your website or engaging over text chat—you can ensure you only spend time talking to your best prospects. 

Phone calls are a key part of any true multi-channel sales process. By complementing your email outreach and social selling, voice is a unique way to further build trust, increase revenue, and close deals faster.

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