Our Story

We are fixers! Fixers are continually questioning, tinkering and ultimately making things better. Sitting around a table waxing poetic about one thing or another, we stumbled upon a massive gap in something that we know deeply. The proverbial lightbulb moment had just happened.

See, we had spent years working in tech, specifically Sales Tech. In fact, we had built a leading Sales Engagement Platform not long ago. Through that experience, we saw first hand the frustrations that Agencies were facing trying to shoehorn their needs into tools made for corporate sales teams. With the pain and the customer so clearly defined, we set our sights on getting Airborne.

Airborne is the first Purpose-Built Sales Engagement Platform for Agencies. We have dedicated ourselves to listening to Agency owners/operators. As a result, we are delivering a solution that fits their needs and amplifies their business – no shoehorn required! Bonus: We are having a blast building something awesome, assembling an amazing team and working with great customers. 

Since we are fixers, the destination is often synonymous with the journey, so it should come as no surprise to those that know us best that Airborne is already evolving. We hope to add more to the story very shortly, stay tuned…

Our Team

A great group of people that bring passion, expertise and care to everything they do.


Lee Gladish - Founder & CEO


Michael Morckos - Founder & CTO


Gary Amaral - Marketing Advisor

Ayhan K. Isaacs

Ayhan K. Isaacs - Growth Lead

Zubair Ashraf

Zubair Ashraf - Dev Ops Engineer

Tristan Janicki

Tristan Janicki - Full Stack Engineer

João Santos

João Santos - Customer Success Manager

Moe Ali

Moe Ali - Product Advisor

Our Values

We strive to empower our people, our customers and our stakeholders by living our values each and every day!













Open Positions

  • Talent Pool

    We love that you’re interested in working at Airborne, and we'd like to keep in touch as we continue to grow and add new opportunities to join our team. Submit your resume here and let us know of your area of interest. You can expect us to stay connected by sharing helpful content and updates on a regular basis. We will also flag your resume and background for future opportunities.  Apply here